The Kuiper Belt

Like a pants belt. For the solar system.

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Let us never forget that Jeremy Renner used to be a makeup artist.

And a ski-instructor. And house renovator.

#now this fact is spreading can he be asked all the makeup questions usually aimed at female co-stars?

Can Jeremy Renner be a strong female character in every movie?

Jeremy Renner is a strong, independent woman, who don’t need no man.

Or powers

y’know for a website which supports gender equality and feminism it’s weird that people are saying that feminine activities define him as a woman despite the positive connotation

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You know what I want to do?

I want there to be a day where everyone just goes out to stargaze from dusk ‘til dawn. We all bring blankets to a large field and all lie down and just stargaze all night. There will also be people who bring snacks because it is very late and there will be people who will read their books out there and everyone will have nice conversations.

That would be nice.